indoor recumbent bikeWhat a bummer!, it’s a raining day and you can’t get your cardio done. An indoor recumbent cycling bike would’ve been quite useful eh? Or maybe you we’re ready to hit the gym and an unplanned traffic jam managed to turn your plan into shreds. Indoor exercise bikes can help you prevent these annoying experiences, just think about the comfort it would mean to know that you can get your exercise done no matter what happens. Cycle during the nightly news and get information plus physical activity done in an hour. Listen to a self-improvement tape while cycling and get the lessons you need in a perked up active state.

Inside biking can be very fun in many ways. You can play some Nintendo while you exercise on a recumbent cycling bike, so you can blast those aliens while burning off some calories. Or maybe you can slide in your favorite record and rock the bike to the beat of your all time favorites. Or maybe you’re the type that likes book, well grab that best seller and get on with the indoor biking. How about if you are madly in love? No problem, grab the phone and sing your poem to your loved one while you pleasantly cycle to better levels of personal fitness.

Beat the stress with healthy cycling

How about stress, what can I do about stress? Well there’s no better way to beat stress than to get some aerobic exercise. Your brain, and for that matter your body, loves to exercise and it rewards you by producing endorphins, the body’s inner drug. So forget about stress and get high while exercising inside the comfort of your house. Purposely try to think about your problems while biking and you might be surprised that you can come up with a previously unknown solution.

Think about your needs before shopping for recumbent exercise bikes

When shopping for recumbent exercise bikes, be sure to know that there’s something for everybody. You can plan on saving money if you wish, or you can pay the right price for a full featured recumbent bikes. Selling for less than three hundred dollars, the cheapskate exerciser can expect to get away with some thrifty bike model. If this is the case, be sure to check out the Stamina brand that builds super-economic bikes for the practical and not too demanding fitness enthusiast. On the other side of the price spectrum, there’s the diamondback models. These bikes can get a bit expensive, but their full packed features are worth paying the extra buck. If you are a hardcore exerciser or won’t settle for less than the best, then Diamondback is the way to go. Then there’s the normal biker who doesn’t want necessarily the best, but won’t settle for street junk either. This biker could settle happily for any recumbent ProForm bike, and perform his exercises with peace of mind.

There are many brands of quality exercise bikes out there

Other brands of bikes to look for are: Tunturi, Schwinn, Cateye and Lifecycle. Tunturi manufactures real cool looking white exercising bikes that also are very potent when it comes to monitor-read-outs. Schwinn is the classic. Arguably the best bicycle maker out there, Schwinn has a long history of fabricating cycles and they’ve proven to be good at it. Cateye on the other hand offers an awesome new product: it’s a video game exercise cycle that can connect to your video game console. Finally, Lifecycle has been offering computerized bikes for more than thirty years. Their bikes are commercial grade, meaning they’re very durable making them ideal for a gym. Measure your needs and successfully get the exercise bicycle you need.

Edge 491When looking for a smooth ride aerobic workout, consider the Edge recumbent exercise bike as your personal magic carpet. Building on the concept of recumbent bike, Edge offers a full feature exercise machine designed to make that heart pump at optimal aerobic rates. Edge exercising bikes are affordable biking machines that don’t lack any of the important features a complete bike can have. The most eye catching feature this bike has is its large cushioned seat that can be adjusted to your favorite exercise position. Edge knows that a recumbent bike improves blood circulation in the legs and body in general, and you get to feel this while riding any one of their exercising machines.

The Edge 491 exercise bike is one of the manufacturers flagship models because its offers a ton of cool features for a low cost recumbent bike. Friction free magnetic resistance let you exercise in silent peace as opposed to noisy belts. Track your heart rate with it’s built in heart rate monitor. The bike’s handlebars come with built-in cardiac sensors that feed the monitor your exercising heart rate. This way you can keep tabs on your activity level, and after you’ve exercised you can know that you did it right. Talking about the digital monitor, it consists of a large backlit display that gives real-time data on info such as time elapsed, distance covered and calories burned.

Customize it to your needs

Biking on the Edge 491 exercise bike is a fully customizable experience because you can program it to fit your needs. Make use of one of the 12 preinstalled fitness programs for a complete workout, including two programs that use the heart rate monitor to optimally exercise your heart. Finally, you can conveniently hydrate your body with its handy drink holder meaning you don’t have to worry about making long trips to the kitchen.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent BikeA recumbent exercise bike is the perfect solution for biking indoors if you suffer from some sort of back pain. Apart from being astonishingly comfortable, a recumbent exercise bike is convenient for your back because it does not force you into a position that doesn’t benefit your back. While lying back on this type of exercising cycle you can pedal for prolonged periods of time without even feeling the slightest hint of pain. All the mayor bicycle manufacturers make recumbent bikes because they know about the different type of benefits these machines offer. Bikes have come a long way since they were first invented, now we have many different models to choose from which notably increments our exercising freedom.

As much as conventional upright cycling is very beneficial for the knees because of low impact, recumbent biking is even better because it also takes care of your back. With comfortable plush bucket seats, these exercise machines have been built for your body. That is, ergonomic and mechanical engineers built these bikes thinking about the human, not about the machine. Thus this unique species of bikes was born for our cycling pleasure. The recumbent bike has been gaining notable recognition these last few years because people are starting to learn about them more on the internet.

These bikes are rapidly gaining popularity

Since internet cocooning has been a mayor laziness threat for the general population, the modern industrialized man has been forced to look out for his health. Exercising for better health is quickly becoming a trend for the house wife or the office executive, because it is so beneficial for the organism. A recumbent bike is the product of machine evolution, responding to the needs of the fitness enthusiast. Bigger demand has made manufacturers upgrade their models benefiting the biking community in general.

The search for the best exercise bikes begins with understanding the basics of exercise biking. There’s a minimum group of technical terms any biker should know before buying a recumbent exercise bike. Once you understand these terms, you should be capable of finding the best of the bests when it comes to home cycling equipment. First of all there’s resistance type. When shooting for the best its imperative that your bike comes with magnetic resistance. This type of resistance offers so much benefits over conventional belt resistance because its quieter and more precise ion the long run.

The next big thing to think about when scouring for the bests is the read out monitor. Is it computerized or analog? What type of data does it flash? Can you save information? Does it support multiple users? Answering these questions will shoot you in the right direction in finding the perfect recumbent training bike. The monitor should be digital, its should display every type of data (time, speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate) and it should have the option to save data for multiple users. When shopping make sure the exercise bike’s specifications fit this model to get the best.

Sportsart steps up to impose a standard of supreme quality

My recommendation for the single best exercise recumbent bike would be any Sportsart recumbent bicycle. Sportsart is known to manufacture the best exercise bikes out there. They don’t stay on the basics, they fly above and then some. Be expecting to fork out a lot of dollars for Sportart exercising equipment, if you want the best you must pay for the best, and it’s a sure shot that Sportsart delivers.

recumbent bikeRecumbent exercise bikes are just the thing if you’re one of those laying back type of guys or gals. Just sit back, flip on the television, start cycling and let the games begin. Recumbent bikes are the coolest models when it comes to biking for the exercise benefits. In fact, one of the most anatomically correct exercises is sitting on a recumbent and naturally cycling in the most comfortable position. This way, your abdominal muscles relax and breathing becomes much easier and fuller, literally your lungs get filled with more air while you exercise. With your cycling recumbent working out is as smooth as swinging on an easy chair.

Recumbent cycles come as an evolutionary spin-off of the widely known upright stationary bikes. These previous models were invented way back tracing the characteristics of the horse; in fact a conventional bicycle is nothing more than a mechanical horse. Biking back then didn’t take into consideration the technical and physical aspect of the human being. Recumbent bicycles came as an inevitable product of scientific progress. The main focus of building bikes changed from the machine to the rider, taking into consideration the best specifics for optimal exercising. The new generation of cycles thus materialized into what we know as a recumbent bicycle.

A cycle specially designed for the rider that targets correct exercise form

Stationary bike manufacturers quickly caught on and started fabricating recumbent models for those who prefer indoor exercise. An indoor cycle of this type gives the user so much power and control over speed, distance and resistance levels when training. Depending on the model, you can check out all your stats real-time, thus making your fitness goals measurable on a precise basis. Low impact biking indoors is the prefect solution for those looking for maximum comfort and solid results.

Stamina Recumbent BikeIt’s not always easy or appropriate to use an ordinary bicycle with the strain it places on the upper body, particularly the back… and this is why models like the Stamina recumbent bike exist. These stationary bikes are designed with fuller seating support, so that your upper body isn’t as stressed, and you can work on pedaling your way to better cardio fitness more comfortably. While many Stamina bikes are at the low end of price ranges as far as exercise equipment goes (under two hundred dollars), there are also more developed models in the two hundred and well upwards brackets. Perhaps most notable currently is the combination rower and recumbent bike, which is a mere half a grand. The company offers plenty of models at many different price levels to suit the budgets of varied demographics, so you should be able to find recumbent exercise bike reviews if you decide you want one.

Both the cheaper models and the more expensive ones include various types of the Stamina magnetic resistance recumbent bike. At this point in time using magnetism is a handy standard for providing adjustable levels of magnetic resistance, and therefore difficulty, in one’s workout. This lets you more accurately mimic an outdoors realistic biking workout while in the comfort of your own home. It also enables many fine degrees of difficulty adjustment, which all of this line’s models support to some degree. Other standard features you can expect from Stamina recumbent bikes include the usual programmable monitors for tracking fitness statistics and organizing exercise routines and adjustable seating to make any bike suitable for a range of body types.

All this is fairly standard, but besides these handy but commonly included conveniences, there are a couple standout advantages that bring the Stamina recumbent exercise bike above similar competition. Most of these models will fold up, allowing you to maximize your use of space rather than having the bike clutter up a room when it’s not in use. The magnetism-based resistance provided by this line also operates very quietly, which is far from always the case and can be important if you exercise with other people in the area. But most notable, perhaps, is simply the frugality of price in most of these models. There are, as mentioned earlier, naturally some higher-end expensive models. However, most of the line consists of very aggressively low-priced bikes that nonetheless contain all of the features mentioned above. This makes these products great choices for people who can’t afford or don’t wish to spend the money on an absolute top-end bike, or for those who are just getting into the fitness lifestyle and want to try out something low-cost before really diving into the deep end. Overall, they’re excellent and unintimidating bikes that will satisfy the needs of the average user exceptionally well for their price tags.

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Schwinn 240Despite the fact that I have a elliptical trainer plus a home fitness gym, I continue to see myself relaxing at my couch watching tv or maybe browsing on the internet and never working out. So long as I am going to do these routines, why don’t I burn off a few unhealthy calories while doing so?

Someone said look at the testimonials on a different bike and discovered the Schwinn Recumbent Bike 240. It is $100.00 extra however it seemed like most of the problems from the other recumbent bike were being fixed. We purchased the actual bike via the Internet due to the fact a different review talked about much better packaging.

My wife and I purchased the Schwinn recumbent bike over the weekend and got it the next Wednesday! We remained up quite late putting it together in around three hours time. This was more time compared to others since I had been attempting to connect a component incorrect and it required some time to work it out. It had been my mistake, nevertheless. I was thinking the instructions had been simple to follow including parts that were packed in a way in which it was super easy to know what parts were being required.

Tip: Prior to putting the bike together, jot down your serial # that is below the back stabilizer. It is much simpler to write down ahead of the bike being assembled!

The moment it had been assembled, the left pedal produced a banging sound and vibrations which i could really feel around my foot. It was annoying therefore i called customer support and was informed to take out, thoroughly clean, as well as retighten the actual pedal. This did the trick! Some little while later on, I had some bafflement regarding how to operate the Recovery switch and so i called customer support once again. We all identified i had been utilizing it improperly — it’s done within a program, never as soon as you are done. (My personal elliptical trainer did it in a different way.) Each instance, the customer support rep had been helpful and beneficial plus the troubles had been fixed.

This bike is extremely simple to use, from sitting yourself down to setting up the system. I have not needed to customize the seat settings mainly because my wife and I have exact same length of legs. We’re also a similar age yet we need to alter the weight settings. Punching in the information at the start requires just a few seconds. I love the way the system takes note of the last configurations so that you do not have to begin over completely from scratch. The Schwinn bike also remembers your the level of intensity for the specific program. Your fan can be adjusted and I think it is very relaxing — this blows directly on your face but is not so powerfully that my eyes get dry.

We took off the pedal straps — they didn’t appear essential. The Schwinn Recumbent Bike is extremely silent — the fan will be the only component that produces sound plus the periodic beeping as every interval goes by. I am simply shocked about how fast time goes by when I am working out. Plus it is a good work out, as well! We each need to clean the perspiration from the bike seat whenever we are done but we are not really operating on the maximum levels or even really going that quickly.